2013 Texas Wing Conference Overall Schedule

The schedule below, and the Conference Dress Code is as follows:
Pre-conference and Conference (except Awards Banquet): Class B Service Dress, Gray/White Corporate uniform, or Gray Slacks/Blue Polo Shirt
Conference Awards Banquet: Class A Service Dress, Gray/White Corporate with Blazer, Civilian attire w/coat and tie, or as formal as you wish.

Service Dress (jacket optional during day).  If you do not have blues, than the daytime dress will be Kakis and a polo shirt.
Conference Awards Banquet: Class A Service Dress or suit (with coat and tie), or sacks with coat and tie.

2013 Texas Wing Conference Schedule
Activity Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Conference Office Hours 1500-1900 0700-1800 0700-1700 0700-1700 Closed
Registration 1500-1900 0700-1800 0700-1800 0700-1700 Closed
Pre-Conference  Courses 0900-1800 0800-1700
Breakouts 1300-1700 0930-1740
Commander’s Reception 1830-2030
Cadet Military Ball 1900-2200
Cadet Conference  Details Here 0945-1700
Opening & Awards Breakfast 0745-0915
Conference Luncheon 1140-1250
Pre-Banquet Reception 1745-1830
Awards Banquet 1830-2200
Interfaith Worship Service 0700-0745
Catholic Worship Service 0700-0745
Wing Staff Meeting 0800-1000
Wing Staff Meeting/II 1000-1100