Happy 74th Birthday CAP & TXWG!!

01 December 2015

Texas Wing Senior Members & Cadets,avatar.jpg.320x320px

Today marks a very special day in Civil Air Patrol’s history. Today we celebrate the 74th birthday of CAP! And, today it is my privilege and honor to be the Commander of the Texas Wing. Since joining CAP at the age of 12, I have had many great experiences, and have met many exceptional people. My journey began as a cadet airman attending encampments, advancing into the cadet officer ranks, joining encampment staff, representing the wing on CAC, and concluding my cadet career as a C/Lt Col. All of these experiences have made me the person I am now, and exactly what I wish for each of you, Texas Wing Cadets. Transitioning to senior member and continuing my CAP experience has allowed me to strengthen my CAP foundation and deepened my drive for excellence in each staff position and assignment I have embarked upon.

CAP’s history is rich with excellence, service, integrity and respect. Just recently we became apart of the “Total Force”. And with that brings, new missions and unforeseen opportunities for all of us to increase our missions for America. We as Civil Air Patrol members have a long legacy to be proud of and a great future. We are all equally responsible for executing our missions and training to the highest of levels in effort to be of service to our communities, state, and nation.

So to each of you, I thank you for your hard work and dedicated service!! You are what makes Texas Wing exceptional!! Happy 74th Birthday, CAP & TXWG!!

Col Sean Crandall, CAP
Texas Wing Commander