Southwest Region Emergency Services Officer Position Opening

Effectively March 1, 2016 the position of Southwest Region Emergency Services Officer will be available. Southwest Region Chief of Staff will be accepting letters of intent effectively immediately.

All letters of intent should be emailed by 14 February 2016, to SWR COS, Lt. Col. Harriet Smith at Please include good contact information. Col. Mark Smith, SWR/CC will be interviewing candidates.

Requirements for the Southwest Region Emergency Services Officer position:

– CAP Incident Commander 2 or higher in good standing and current for the qualification.
– Good communication and computer skills.
– Experience with budgets and plans in Emergency Services.
– Experience with WMIRS 2. Working knowledge of other Mission Management products, if possible.
– Facilitate Southwest Region achieving the strategic initiative to build and flex region-wide “muscle” in our mission areas.
– Identify and incorporate best practices region-wide through effective crossflow of information.
– Conduct a minimum of one multi-wing, multi-region training event each fiscal year.
– Provide training support for Southwest Region Conferences.
– Provide timely updates and currency of their plans and objectives with Director of Operations.
– Participate in SWR HQ monthly WebEx meetings. If unable to do so personally, then ensure a representative participates.
– Additional assignments requested by the Region commander.

The CAPR 20-1 Duty Position for Wing Emergency Services Officers is copied below. While many of these duties are not applicable to the region level, you still need to be aware of them so that you can support the wings as needed.

Emergency Services (ES) Officer manages and directs emergency services activities. They shall:

– Develop agreements with agencies responsible for search, domestic emergencies, and civil defense.
– Develop and maintain an adequate emergency service force.
– Develop training programs to ensure that highly qualified ES personnel are available for search and rescue, and disaster relief missions.
– Develop plans and standard operating procedures to support the wing’s emergency services program.
– Maintain records to determine the status of resources (personnel, vehicles aircraft, radios and other emergency equipment) available for ES missions.