There is still space available for YOU at Lone Star Emergency Services Academy!

Registration has been extended until 11:59 June 10, 2016

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We saved a place for you at the 2016 Lone Star Emergency Services Academy. This exciting school will be held 17-26 June at the Texas Wing Headquarters in Nacogdoches, Texas.

This regional event is open to cadets and senior members, nationwide. Registration is at this link.  Classes are tailored to the needs of both Seniors and Cadets.  Read the Policies and Procedures Handbook to get packing lists and specific information about your classes.

Lone Star Emergency Services Academy offers a week of intensive training that prepares members for participation in CAP Emergency Services and allows cadets AND senior members to work with non-CAP emergency management professionals with an eye toward career preparation.

The academy offers courses in:  Mission Air Crew School, (MAS) focused on making Observers and Scanners better and more competent than they are now; same for those wanting Aerial Photography training.

Flight Line Marshalling is also for cadets and senior members wishing that rating; we’ll be launching and recovering many MAS sorties. Attendees for FLM will need an ANSI Class II safety vest, preferably yellow or lime green, but orange will also be accepted, provided it’s a ANSI Class II or III vest. Minimum Age is 14 by the start of LESA.

Basic Comm School will sharpen your skill in communications with aircraft and ground teams.

PAO/PIO Public Information Officer staffing is a hands-on opportunity that will help you to be better able to write articles when attending CAP events, for publication in both CAP related and non-related periodicals.

Mission Staff School helps prepare you for working actual missions, in several different capacities, and is one the areas where CAP nationwide has some large shortages of skilled Mission Staff Assistants.  Successful attendees can easily plan on working lots of missions, once they’ve earned their Mission Staff Assistant rating.

Basic GSARS is focused on making cadets and senior members more self sufficient in the forest when out on long duration exercises or real missions.  Come prepared to live off the land!

Wilderness First Aid Responder course prepares you to better grasp the needs of administering First Aid when there is little to no immediate outside support.  This is an extremely challenging course, but upon successful completion, one with a tremendous amount of self confidence in yourself.

All CAP courses comply with NESA curriculum standards. WFR and NASAR curriculum is taught and evaluated by individuals certified by those organizations.

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No matter what your level of training or your interests, LESA has something for everyone:

  • Ground Search and Rescue Specialty School Basic- Senior/Cadet
  • Communications School Advanced and Basic – Senior/Cadet
  • Flight line Marshalling and Supervising – Senior/Cadet
  • Mission Aircrew School – Observer and Pilot
  • Mission Staff School
  • Aerial Photography*
  • Wilderness First Responder

*Short Courses – see website for dates
These courses are limited, so do NOT wait to sign up!