Upcoming Group V Commander Vacancy

Application packages for the above position will be accepted through 30 June 2016.

These minimum requirements are designed to assist wing commanders in carrying out this responsibility in a timely, judicious manner and to standardize the selection process. The wing commander can waive any requirement for good cause shown or if the applicant presents evidence of comparable experience. The final decision concerning selection still rests with the wing commander.

Minimum qualifications for consideration as group commander are:

  • Hold at least the CAP grade of major.
  • Completed Level IV of the Senior Member Training Program.
  • Three years command and staff experience at any level within a wing.
  • Budget and asset acquisition knowledge gained within or outside CAP.
  • Five years supervisory experience gained within or outside CAP.
  • Five years total CAP membership with no less than 3 continuous years of service prior to appointment.

Applicants for the position of group commander should provide an application package to include a letter of intent, a resume and written statement. The written statement should include personal vision and goals for the group, as well as areas of concerns and potentials solutions. These documents should be sent by email in the form of a single Adobe PDF attachment, to my attention, Col. Sean Crandall, at scrandall@txwgcap.org with a copy to Maj. Sherra Ogden, TXWG/COS at sogden@txwgcap.org.

Electronic submission is required. Paper applications will not be considered. Any questions concerning this email may be addressed to me by return email.