Nighthawk Composite Squadron Celebrates Cadet Promotions

On September 25th, 2018, Nighthawk Composite Squadron in Denton, Texas, celebrated ten cadet promotions.

  • James Bullard to C/Amn
  • James Jensen to C/A1C
  • Tanner Connel to C/SrA
  • Benjamin Pham to C/TSgt
  • Riley Vaughn to C/TSgt
  • Samuel Chapman to C/MSgt
  • Ben Keller to C/SMSgt
  • John Wilburn earned Achievement 8 (the last rank before Mitchell)
  • Nicholas Hogan achieved the Wright Brothers milestone
  • Ruth Watts achieved the Wright Brothers milestone

Congratulations to these outstanding cadets!

More photos are available on the Nighthawk Composite Squadron Facebook page.