Announcement from new Texas Wing Commander

Fellow Members of Texas Wing;

First, I would like to thank y’all for the honor and privilege in serving the best wing in CAP as your Commander.

Next, I would like to thank Col Sean Crandall and our Wing Staff for their tireless and sometimes thankless efforts in getting the wing to where it is today.  The current staff has been through several storms together literally, Harvey and most recently Imelda.

Over the past 4 years Texas Wing has flown 25,900 hours, driven 849,000 miles and taken 300,000+ photos for various agencies.

From Disaster Response, to Counter Drug missions to training Cadets to fly and preparing them for lives as outstanding leaders, the Texas Wing staff has never wavered from our three missions.  We thank you for your Service.

Next, I want to thank the incoming staff; many are remaining or moving to new roles, but they are willing to step up and to serve the membership of the wing.  With their help I hope to lead us to new heights and levels of fun!

In conclusion, I want to thank my family for allowing me the time away from them to serve.  My son, Edward who brought me back to the program 14 years ago, and Nicholas who went through the Cadet program to the Eaker award and served as a Unit DCC in Oklahoma.

Finally I want to thank my wife, Capt Valerie Schroder for 42 years of standing by me through the ups and downs, the crazy and the sometimes not too sane.  She was Voluntold to help with the program when I was a unit commander in Rockwall 11 years ago and is now the Commander of the same unit.

I plan to keep the wing involved in decisions and, through various forms of communication, informed.

Please remember I work for you and my goal is to achieve a “5 Star rating”.

My Parting quote is from Indiana Jones:
“The Adventure Continues…”

Bill Schroder, Col, CAP
Commander, Texas Wing, Civil Air Patrol