Cadet Advisory Council


The Cadet Advisory Council is defined as having three main purposes: provide an organization where cadets gain leadership experience at higher organizational levels, aid the commander in monitoring and implementing the Cadet Program, and to make recommendations for improving and running the Cadet Program.

There are two CAP publications which describe the Cadet Advisory Council. The first is CAPR 52-16; Cadet Program Management. This regulation is the foundation to what a CAC can and cannot do and the general rules associated with a CAC. The other publication is the CAPP 52-19; Cadet Advisory Council Guide. This pamphlet is not a mandatory regulation but is more a resource to make CAC function more efficiently and make easier the accomplishment of a CAC’s goal. The guide was mostly developed by the National Cadet Advisory Council and is an excellent resource for CAC information.

So what is a CAC? When you break it down to its simplest form, CAC is how cadets make changes to their program. Through the CAC, recommendations can be made to the commander and passed up the CAC chain so the cadets’ program is able to be improved upon. Please browse this website for more information. Below are links to resources that relate directly to the Cadet Advisory Council.