FLIGHT LINE MARSHALLING COURSE (FLM)Come and enjoy the warm summer time in the piney woods of northeast Texas, where you’ll participate in conjunction with our Mission Aircrew School (MAS) and learn all about what happens on the flight line during CAP flying missions. You’ll learn all the hand signals required to properly guide aircraft movements on a flight line, and do it all safely. You will actively participate in launching and recovering CAP aircraft as they participate in the MAS training.

Requirements: Must have reached your 14th birthday by the start of LESA FLM, you must be current with safety at least through the ending date of LESA (June 21), and you need to have watched the latest version of the CAP Aircraft Ground Handling video and take & pass the quiz that goes with the video.

Equipment required – Aircraft marshalling wands (2 each) with their names marked on the wands. They can order them from “At Aero Specialties” at aerospecialties.com under aircraft wands, AERO product ID TDW-16-AS  they have aircraft marshalling wands at $ 7.00 each.

Course Outline

I – Flight Line Training

  • Responsibilities of a Flight Line Supervisor
    • Coordinate with FBO
    • Survey airport for hazards and emergency equipment
    • Supervise Flight Line Marshallers
  • Responsibilities of a Flight Line Marshaller
    • Marshall aircraft
    • Ground safety observer
    • Tie-down aircraft
  • Responsibilities of Wing Walkers
    • Maintain contact with the marshaller
    • Ground safety observer

II – Safety

  • Hazards
  • Procedures
  • Dehydration
  • Fatigue


Commandant: Major Fletcher Sharp