Communications School
Basic Communications Course

The Basic Course is for cadets and seniors wishing to understand more about the radio
communications used by CAP and to become proficient radio operators. The course will include:

  • Radiotelephone procedures and protocol;
  • Radio fundamentals including electrical circuits, soldering, propagation, emergency power,
    antennas, station setup, emergency and field operations, etc.
  • VHF radio operation and paging;
  • HF radio operation including voice, SELCAL and ALE modes;
  • Use of WMIRS during mission communications;
  • The course will work to provide the training and experience to meet the Mission Radio Operator (MRO) qualification.
  • Prerequisites for this course are:
  • Completion of OPSEC training;
    ICUT or at least completion of all on-line course work for the ICUT.

Advanced Communications Course

The Advanced Course is for those who are current Mission Radio Operators and are proficient in
voice net operations. Those holding assignments as Unit Communications Officers and those
wanting to train for this position will share training and experiences to enhance performance in
this position. The course will include:

  •  Advance operating procedures;
  • Antenna design and installation;
  • Station setup and assessment;
  • Alternate power sources and emergency power;
  • Communications Unit Leader (CUL) training and re-certification;
  • Emergency deployment and extended field operations;
  • Station setup, integration, and multi-operator suites;
  • Building headphone adaptors for HF radios;
  • Deployed field operation.

Prerequisites for this course are:

  • Completion of the Basic Communications Course or prior approval of the Course
  • Bedding, clothing, and messing supplies for deployment to a field environment for up to 36