MISSION STAFF SCHOOL – Have you always wanted to work at the ICP? Be at the heart of the event?

We offer:

  • Overall compressive Mission staff training
  • Qualification sign-off (up to three)
  • Experience working with outside agencies at the mass casualty exercise
  • Mission Planning
  • Incident Action Plan writing and implantation
  • WIMRS 2.0 training
  • Mission Protocols
  • Training Missions that include: Missing Persons, Disaster Relief, and Missing/Overdue Aircraft


This is an intensive NIMS/CAP orientation that provides students with experience as mission staff assistants, unit leaders, and/or branch directors. Participants should bring SQTRs for at least three mission staff positions that have squadron commander’s training approval.


Trainee Prerequisites

Prerequisites: IS-100IS-200,IS-700, and IS-800 for basic staff.

Prerequisites for Branch and Sections Chiefs IS-100IS-200,IS-700,IS-800 and IS-300

Prerequisites for Incident Commanders: IS-100IS-200,IS-700,IS-800,IS-300 and IS-400


Participants should bring charts, maps and other materials to use in this course.