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Instructions for finding Check Pilots in your area:
1) Log into eServices
2) Click Operations -> Operations Qualifications
3) Left side menu:  Click “Reports”
4) Select “Specific Qualification Listing”
5) Select the Group(s) you wish to search:  Group 1 is “TX-010”, Group 2 is “TX-020”, etc.
    (Note, you can search neighboring groups. For example, if in Group 3, you might also look at TX-060)
6) Qualification: Select “Check Pilot-Airplane” or “Check Pilot-G1000” as appropriate
7) Ensure “Include Contact Report” is selected so you will have contact info for the check pilot
8) Click “View Report” and you’ll see available check pilots in your area.
Texas Wing model for evaluating CAP instructor and check pilots:

Evaluation Process for Instructor Pilots

Domains for Instructor Pilots

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