Health Services

CAP health service personnel are responsible for advising CAP commanders and unit personnel on the health, fitness, disease and injury prevention, and environmental protection of CAP members relevant to CAP activities, with special emphasis on those members involved in flying, emergency services and disaster relief activities, field exercises, encampments, and special activities.

Update – 23 March 2020

COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Texas Wing Members. As we continue into this COVID-19 virus situation, below are the most recent information releases pertaining to the virus. Remember that your Health Services officers can help answer any questions you may have.

CAP Guidelines for Gatherings

CAP Two-Pager for COVID-19

CAP COVID-19 Protection slide

Please be safe.
Thank You,
Maj Ellison

Update – 31 March 2016


Whether you are a Cadet or a Senior Member, fitness is a key component in a healthy lifestyle.  Stew Smith is a former Navy Seal, and has written numerous articles for, as well as authoring a number of books.  I’ve linked a few articles below.  I highly recommend going to’s Fitness section and looking through the many articles that are available.

Beginner Fitness Program
Looking to start a fitness routine? This article talks about motivation, diet, lifestyle changes, and has a 45 Day beginners plan.  (Stew Smith)

Preparing for Basic Training
Joining the Military? This program guides you through the different exercises that can prepare you for the service’s Basic Training PFTs.  (Stew Smith)

Navy Seal Fitness Test
Looking to be part of the 1%?  With attrition rates hovering around the 80% mark, Special Operations is an area that you must be prepared for long before you cross the threshold of the schools.  This article gives advice on preparing for the fitness challenges that await you.  It is centered around the Navy’s BUD/S standards, which is known to be the most difficult of these of schools.  (Stew Smith)

Presidential Fitness Handbook
Guidelines and standards for the Presidential Fitness program.

Fitness Challenge – Squadron Physical Fitness Award program.

CAPP 52-18 – Cadet Physical Fitness Program


Each month, we will profile a different app that provides information related to the Health Services field.  This month is the First Aid app from the American Red Cross.  It is a great reference guide, and includes videos and quizzes.  Click the appropriate link below:



Health Services Program and Forms

CAPR 160-1 Operation of the CAP Health Services Program:  PDF

CAPF 160 – CAP Member Health History:   Word   PDF

CAPF 161 – CAP Emergency Information:   Word   PDF

CAPF 162 – CAP Member Physical Exam:   Word   PDF

CAPF 163 – Permission for Provision of Minor Cadet Over-The-Counter Medication:   Word   PDF