Level 1 Orientation Guidance


The new Level I has been a huge success but some members still have questions about what is required and how completions are entered in the Learning Management System (LMS). The new Level 1 is designed to provide the new member with a relevant, yet thorough introduction to Civil Air Patrol. It is also designed to encourage new member inclusion into the squadron through a series of structured experiences. In this way, new members feel more included in the unit from the beginning


New members access the new Level I by signing into eServices and clicking on the Learning Management System (LMS) tab under CAP Utilities. Once in the LMS, choose “Level I Orientation.” The pamphlets themselves (CAPP 50-4, Vol 1 and 2) can also be accessed at http://capmembers.com/forms_publications__regulations/pamphlets-1702/.


Commanders and PDOs use the LMS to enter the in-residence lesson component completions for members completing the new Level I. Commanders and PDOs use the following procedures to enter completion of the in-residence portions. Log into eServices and click on the Learning Management System (LMS) tab under CAP Utilities. Once in the LMS, choose, “Skills Evaluation” and follow these steps:

Step 1: Course Select: Level I Orientation.

Step 2: Select the specific lesson to validate from the drop down menu. (Note: you may select multiple entries by following the instructions above the clock.)

Step 3: Select date lesson completed.

Step 4: Enter the CAPID of the new member, and then click on the search button (magnifying glass) to call up the member. (Note: you will not be able to validate a lesson unless the member has started the course in the LMS.)

NOTE: You can access a Mentor Input Guide by going to the following linkMentor Input Guide.

When the new member has completed all the required lessons and the online-course evaluation, an e-mail will be automatically generated and sent to the commander in “Commander’s Corner” with instructions on how to validate completion of the course. For the member to receive course credit and be awarded their level 1 award, the unit commander must validate completion, signifying that the new member has completed the course to the commander’s satisfaction. Once the commander has validated completion online, the new member will receive credit for Level I and may begin further training.


The following Duty Positions have been given permission to enter evaluations for the mentor input/skills evaluations:

– Commander
– Vice Commander
– Deputy Commander
– Deputy Commander for Seniors
– Director of Professional Development
– Professional Development Officer

The Professional Development Officer (PDO) has the responsibility of guiding the member through their Level I training by assisting them with problems they encounter online. PDOs must also work with the new members at the unit to complete the required and optional in-residence content as outlined in CAP Pamphlet 50-4, Volume 1. It is important to remember that both the online and in-residence portions of the lessons are required for new members to complete Level I. Below are the in-residence/skills evaluations that are outlined in CAPP 50-4, Vol 1.

– Block 1 Lesson 1: How We Got Here
– Block 1 Lesson 2: CAP Core Values (Required)
– Block 1 Lesson 3: CPPT (Required)
– Block 1 Lesson 4: EO & Nondiscrimination
– Block 1 Lesson 5: Our Heritage (Required)
– Block 1 Lesson 6: Who We are Today

– Block 2 Lesson 7: Introduction to Safety (Required)
– Block 2 Lesson 8: CAP Customs & Courtesies (Required)
– Block 2 Lesson 9: CAP Uniform (Required)
– Block 2 Lesson 10: CAP Grade
– Block 2 Lesson 11: Organization Structure & Chain of Command

– Block 3 Lesson 12: Expectations (Required)
– Block 3 Lesson 13: What’s Next
– Block 3 Lesson 14: New Member Plan of Action (Required)
– Block 3 Lesson 15: Selection of Specialty Track (Required)

To complete the Level 1 requirements, the new member must pass all 12 quizzes and the mentor must enter the nine (9) required in-residence/skills evaluation portion for the new member in “Learning Management System” in eservices. It would be beneficial to the new member to complete all the in-residence portions but only those shown as “Required” must be completed for Level 1 credit. If you would like detailed instructions on how to enter the mentor inputs you can go the following site: Mentor Input guide.