Frequently Asked Questions

It seems like there are always questions we need answered but are not sure who to go to or where to find them. So I created a basic list of procedures and FAQs to help facilitate the professional development program.

I am a new member. How long to I have to complete Level 1 and what do I need to do?

All Information for Level 1 can be found in CAPR 50-17 or on the National Website under CAP University/Orientation.

There are 5 basic things that must be completed for Level 1 and a summary conversation:

  1. Create an eServices account at, receive OPSEC training, and agree to the non-disclosure agreement
  2. Intro to CAP Safety
  3. Cadet Protection
  4. Equal Opportunity Training
  5. Foundations Module

You have 6 months from the approval of your application to complete your Level 1.

According to CAPR 50-17, CAP requires senior members to complete Level 1 training prior to receiving any assigned duty position in the unit, directly supervising cadets on their own, being allowed to wear the Air Force-style CAP uniform, becoming eligible for promotion, or enrolling in AU A4/6 courses.

What do I need to do to promote?

Reference Attachment 1 in CAPR 50-17 for a great chart outlaying every requirement to promote

Where do I submit my paperwork for level completion?

All Level completions should be submitted through the membership system in eServices.

When should I take the SLS?

The Squadron Leadership School (SLS) was intended to provide CAP’s senior members with a basic understanding of CAP operations at the squadron level and how those operations affect CAP’s national missions. Additionally, members learn more about CAP customs, core values and communications. It is recommended that as soon as a senior member completes their Level 1, they should quickly attend a SLS to fully understand how they fit into their unit and our Wing.

I’m the Unit PDO and I heard there is a report to help me with my job. Where is it?

CAP intends the Professional Development Report to serve as a management tool for unit PDOs, CAP commanders, and for National Headquarters to track and determine training requirements. The PDR is available on-line in the Member Reports section of eServices. The report lists each CAP unit and reflects the current status of senior members within each unit. The body reflects the member’s status in professional development and certain other data maintained in the computer.

Our unit wants to host a SLS/CLC/UCC. How do I go about that?

According to CAPR 50-17, SLS/CLC/UCC are Wing Level activities and must be approved by Wing prior submitting a CAPF46 to NHQ. All director appointments are done by the Wing Director of Professional Development. Please email a request with basic information directly to TXWG/PD at Include course type, dates, location, and suggested course director. Once approved, the Ops Plan & budget must be reviewed and approved. Once that is done, submit the CAPF46 to and NHQ.

Who can serve as a director for a SLS?

According to CAPR 50-17, the director should have completed the SLS as a student (additional experience as an instructor is preferred) prior to appointment as a director.

Who can serve as a director for a CLC?

According to CAPR 50-17, the director should have completed the CLC as a student (additional experience as an instructor is preferred) prior to appointment as a director.

I’ve been designated as a Director for a SLS/CLC/UCC. What is my next step?

  • Course materials are downloaded from the CAP University section of CAP’s website. The Course Director must request the course certificates from NHQ/DPR, using CAPF 46 at least 45 days in advance.
  • The Ops plan must be sent to the TXWG Webmaster at to post on the TXWG Calendar.
  • Start locating and qualifying instructors. The more instructors, the better the course will be as having several instructors will bring unique instruction methods and point of views to the course adding to its enrichment.
  • Start accepting applications and checking eServices that all prerequisites have been met.

I’ve completed a SLS/CLC/UCC as a Course Director. Where do I submit my paperwork? What must be submitted?

A CAPF 11 must be signed by each individual student/instructor for credit and submitted to and within 7 days of course completion. This should also be entered into eServices for processing. This allows the Wing Commander 7 days to process the paperwork and still meet the 14 day processing time required by NHQ.

A TXWGF 8 must also be submitted with your CAPF 11 to and This is required as part of our Risk Management process. The form can be found on the Wing website under forms.

How do I electronically sign a document?

Electronic signature example: //signed// Zeke N. Yeshallfind, Maj, CAP

Why can’t I just scan my hand written documents for submission?

Since National leadership has changed how they process paperwork and went paperless, Texas Wing, Southwest Region and National Headquarters will not accept printed or JPEG documents.

Which CAPFs can I process electronically?

CAPF 2, CAPF 2a, CAPF 2b, CAPF 11, CAPF 24, CAPF 27, and CAPF 120.

Which CAPFs must I process traditionally with handwritten signatures?

CAPF 11 are printed, signed and re-scanned. Obtaining actual signatures serves as proof the member was in attendance and participated in the activity. However, they are not to be entered into eServices after the conclusion of the course and forwarded to